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Sheffield Supertram : Routes : Supertram routes

Route map

Supertram consists of three routes radiating from Sheffield city centre to Meadowhall, Halfway and Middlewood. There are also short branches to Malin Bridge (Middlewood route) and Herdings Park (Halfway route). Each route is quite different: the Meadowhall route is all reserved track, largely using a railway alignment, and mostly serves industrial and leisure destinations; the Halfway route climbs relentlessly uphill through run-down residential areas earmarked for redevelopment to reach outer suburbs on the border with Derbyshire, using a mixture of street-running and reserved track; the Middlewood route is mostly a street tram route and runs at high frequency to the busy district of Hillsborough and the Victorian suburbs beyond.

Trams run on cross-city services: Malin Bridge–Halfway (Blue Line), Middlewood–Meadowhall (Yellow Line) and Herdings Park–City, extending to Meadowhall at certain times of day (Purple Line)

Extensions were planned, originally to Rotherham in the north, Dore in the south, Ranmoor in the West and Hellaby (next to Junction 34 of the M1) in the east; these plans were cut back to the Rotherham extension and a short loop serving the Royal Hallamshire Hospital near the University Of Sheffield, but these have been abandoned in favour of bus-based schemes.

city centre OS map View a map of Supertram in the city centre.

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