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There are 61 tram stops on the Blackpool tramway. Many of these are no more than a stop sign (similar to a bus stop) at the side of the tramway, while others have shelters, again similar to bus stops. A small number have more substantial buildings, such as Bispham and Little Bispham.

Church Street Gynn Square Little Bispham

Tram stops are fairly close together, more in line with the spacing of bus stops than light rail stops. Minor stops on the reserved right-of-way sections north of Cleveleys have a similar feel to the railway halts of a bygone age.

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To view all Blackpool tram stops in Google Earth's satellite imagery, click here (requires Google Earth software—available for Windows Vista/XP/2000, Mac OS X 10.4.0+ and Linux). Each tram stop page also has a link to Google Earth imagery of that tram stop.

Click on stop name for pictures, or go to the route page for a clickable route map
Starr Gate Reserved track 1 one-way terminal loop
Abercorn Place Promenade 2  
Harrow Place Promenade 2  
Harrowside Promenade 2  
Burlington Road Promenade 2  
Star Hotel Promenade 2  
Pleasure Beach Promenade 2 Reversing loop
South Pier Promenade 2  
Waterloo Road Promenade 2  
Alexandra Road Promenade 2  
St. Chad's Road Promenade 2  
Barton Avenue Promenade 2  
Lytham Road On-street 2 in use towards Fleetwood only
Manchester Square Promenade 2 also known as The Manchester
Foxhall Square Promenade 2  
Central Pier Promenade 2  
Tower Promenade 2  
Victoria Street Promenade 2  
North Pier Promenade 3  
Cocker Street Promenade 2  
Pleasant Street Promenade 2  
Imperial Hotel Promenade 2  
Wilton Parade Promenade 2  
Warley Road Promenade 2  
Gynn Square Promenade 2  
Cliffs Hotel Promenade 2  
Cabin Promenade 2  
St. Stephen's Avenue Reserved track 2  
Lowther Avenue Reserved track 2  
Miners Home Reserved track 2  
Cavendish Road Reserved track 2  
Bispham Reserved track 3  
Madison Avenue Reserved track 2  
Leyburn Avenue Reserved track 2  
Norbreck Reserved track 2  
Norbreck North Reserved track 2  
Norkeed Road Reserved track 2  
Little Bispham Reserved track 2 reversing loop
Melton Place Reserved track 2  
Anchorsholme Lane Reserved track 2  
Lauderdale Avenue Reserved track 2  
Cleveleys Reserved track 2 Between northbound and southbound carriageways of the A587
West Drive Reserved track 2  
Beach Road Reserved track 2  
Thornton Gate Reserved track 2  
Westmorland Avenue Reserved track 2  
Rossall Beach Reserved track 2  
Westbourne Road Reserved track 2  
Rossall School Reserved track 2  
Rossall Square Reserved track 2  
Broadwater Reserved track 2  
Southfleet Avenue Reserved track 2  
Heathfield Road Reserved track 2  
Lingfield Road Reserved track 2  
Lindel Road Reserved track 2  
Stanley Road Reserved track 2  
Fishermans Walk Reserved track 2 formerly known as Ash Street
Preston Street On-street 2  
Church Street On-street 2  
Victoria Street (Market) On-street 2  
Fleetwood Ferry On-street 1 on one-way terminal loop
Pharos Street On-street 1 on one-way terminal loop

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