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Nottingham Express Transit (NET) is Britain's newest light rail system, opening on 9th March 2004. The system has been highly successful, carrying 8.4 million passengers in its first year of operation and attracting praise from passengers, press and local and central government.

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201 at Old Market Square, heading for Station …

NET is the first second-generation light rail system outside of a Metropolitan county. The tramway's promotors are Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council, and the operators are a consortium whose membership includes the local city council-owned bus operator, Nottingham City Transport. Integrated transport has been an objective from the start, with through ticketing and simple connections available to local buses and trains at several locations. There are also five Park & Ride sites, with free parking for tram passengers.

The system is a mixture of on-street running and reserved track. Line One is nine miles long, running from Station Street (next to Nottingham main line station) to Hucknall, just outside Greater Nottingham; there is also a short spur to Phoenix Park. Extensions are planned to Wilford and Clifton in the south west of the city (Line Two) and Beeston and Chilwell in the west (Line Three). [more about routes]

There are 15 Bombardier Incentro trams, built at their plant in Derby. They take their power from a 750Vdc overhead power supply. [more about trams]

Trams run every 6 minutes Monday–Saturday daytime (5 minutes at peak time) on the main section, with trams running alternately to Hucknall and Phoenix Park. NET serves 23 tram stops, which vary from a shelter and raised kerb (eg. Radford Road) to more substantial off-street stops (eg. The Forest). There are five Park & Ride sites and there is interchange with National Rail services at three stops. [more about tram stops]


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