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Sheffield Supertram : introduction

Sheffield's Supertram opened on 21st March 1994, the second of the new-generation street-running trams and the result of planning dating back to the 1970s. Initially known as South Yorkshire Supertram, the system was publically owned and operated to start with, but is now operated and maintained by Stagecoach and is branded 'Stagecoach Supertram'. [more on Supertram's history]

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119 and 116 at Meadowhall

There are three routes radiating from Sheffield city centre to Middlewood (north west), Meadowhall (north east) and Halfway (south east), with short branches to Malin Bridge and Herdings Park, giving a total system length of 18 miles. There is a 5–10 minute daytime frequency on each route, with cross-city services on three colour-coded lines (Blue, Purple and Yellow). Extensions are planned to Rotherham (from Meadowhall), Dore (south west), Hellaby (east) and Ranmoor (west). [more on Supertram routes]

Supertram uses 25 trams, from German tram builders Duewag (part of Siemens). Power is supplied at 750Vdc from an overhead trolley wire. All trams are now in Stagecoach livery, except for one which carries an advert for Meadowhall shopping centre. [more on Supertram trams]

A total of 48 stops are served, including two with National Rail interchange and four Park & Ride sites. The stops range from simple raised kerbs on the street-running sections (like at White Lane) to more substantial off-street stops (such as Carbrook). The stop at Meadowhall is part of the Interchange, and shares an entrance and waiting area with the railway station. [more on Supertram tram stops].


Some new pictures, taken at various points around the system, in August and October 2006 and August 2007—click here to see them • fleetlist updated (on the trams page • minor changes to route pages and the fares page
New Services & map page, with frequencies, first and last trams and a route diagram showing all stops • links and fares pages updated

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