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Croydon Tramlink : introduction

Croydon Tramlink is an 18½-mile light rail network serving Croydon, a major population centre in the south of Greater London, and the surrounding areas. The nucleus is a one-way loop through the streets of Croydon town centre, and three lines radiate from here to Wimbledon, Addington and Beckenham Junction; there is also a short branch from the Beckenham Junction line to Elmers End. Much of the network uses former railway lines. [more]

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2545 at Waddon Marsh

Tramlink opened in stages in the May 2000—the New Addington line and the town centre loop opened on 10th May 2000, followed on the 23rd by the Beckenham Junction line, and on the 30th by the Wimbledon line and the Elmers End branches.

There are 24 trams, which were made by Bombardier in Austria. Power is supplied from overhead line equipment at 750Vdc. [more]

During Monday–Saturday daytime, trams run every 6–7 minutes on the Addington line, and every 10 minutes from Wimbledon, Beckenham Junction and Elmers End, combining to give a tram every 1–6 minutes through Croydon town centre. Tramlink serves 39 stops. The majority of these are on reserved track, built to a standard design, with two which are platforms in National Rail stations. In all there are interchanges with National Rail at seven stops and two bus interchanges—on the Addington branch there is a network of feeder bus services serving the Addington estate and linking with Tramlink at a number of stops. [more]

Tramlink is part of the Transport for London (TfL) network, and is operated for TfL by First Group.


new photo gallery of the naming of tram 2535 'Stephen Parascandolo' • some new pictures added, taken in Croydon and on the Beckenham Junction line—click here to view
pictures added of the new electronic indicators fitted to 2541 and 2548 • also a number of pictures taken on Addiscombe Road and at Lebanon Road and New Addington tram stops—click here to see all these new pictures

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