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Metrolink has 37 stops. Broadly speaking they can be divided into three groups—former BR stations on the Phase One lines to Altrincham and Bury, original new-build stops on the Phase One lines in the city centre and new-build stops on the Phase Two line to Eccles (plus Shudehill, opened 2003; and Market Street, rebuilt 1998).

Information board ex BR stop

All stops have Passenger Information Displays and information boards, which include timetables and faretables. Shelters are a mixture of the original station structures (in some cases, BR-era bus stop-style shelters inherited from British Rail), and newer shelters to the same design as contemporary bus shelters in the Greater Manchester PTE area.

Former BR stations on the Bury and Altrincham lines have changed little since BR days—the full-length platforms, built to take trains several carriages long, remain although at many stations only that part needed for two-unit Metrolink services is maintained. The platforms are at main line railway height from the track, and many station buildings from BR days remain although at some stops buildings have been demolished. Many stops retain their booking hall, with a ticket window permanently closed with a roller shutter, and Metrolink ticket machines installed. Metrolink-style signs and paintwork are often the only alterations from the BR era.

Platform shelter Platform shelter

Original stops in the city centre (Victoria, Piccadilly Gardens, Piccadilly, Mosley Street, St. Peter's Square and G-Mex) consist of platforms long enough for two-unit Metrolink services. At on-street stops the platforms gently ramp up at either end, and are to some extent part of the footpath. Because of its situation underneath Piccadilly main line railway station, Piccadilly stop is more substantial, with a mezzanine floor between tram platforms and the main line station concourse. Platforms at Mosley Street and St. Peter's Square have a full-height section the length of one Metrolink unit and a lower section which is used by the second unit in rush-hour two-unit formations. Market Street and High Street stops were also originally built like this, but these stops have been replaced by a rebuilt Market Street with a full-length island platform.

Platform shelter Phase Two platform

On the Phase Two line to Eccles, and at Market Street and Shudehill, all platforms are full-height, long enough for a two-unit formation. The platforms are more segregated than at the original city-centre stops, with steps at the ends of the platforms and ramps entering at the centre.

To view all Metrolink stops in Google Earth's satellite imagery, click here (requires Google Earth software—available for Windows Vista/XP/2000, Mac OS X 10.4.0+ and Linux). Each stop page also has a link to Google Earth imagery of that stop.

Select a stop name for pictures, or go to the Altrincham line, Bury line, Eccles line or city centre pages for clickable route maps
StopLocationPlatformsLineOpening dateNotes
AltrinchamStation shared with National Rail2 (+2 National Rail)Altrincham15/06/1992Shares station with National Rail; part of Altrincham interchange
Navigation RoadReserved track1 (+1 National Rail)Altrincham15/06/1992Consists of 1 bidirectional platform for Metrolink and 1 bidirectional platform for National Rail
TimperleyReserved track2Altrincham15/06/1992 
BrooklandsReserved track2Altrincham15/06/1992 
SaleReserved track2Altrincham15/06/1992 
Dane RoadReserved track2Altrincham15/06/1992 
StretfordReserved track2Altrincham15/06/1992 
Old TraffordReserved track2Altrincham15/06/1992Formerly Warwick Road BR station
Trafford BarReserved track2Altrincham15/06/1992Formerly Old Trafford BR station
EcclesReserved track1Eccles21/07/2000 
LadywellReserved track2Eccles21/07/2000Park & Ride
WeasteReserved track2Eccles21/07/2000 
LangworthyReserved track2Eccles21/07/2000 
BroadwayReserved track2Eccles06/12/1999 
Harbour CityReserved track2 (staggered)Eccles06/12/1999 
AnchorageReserved track2Eccles06/12/1999 
Salford QuaysReserved track2Eccles06/12/1999 
Exchange QuayReserved track2Eccles06/12/1999 
PomonaReserved track2 (island platform)Eccles06/12/1999elevated stop
CornbrookReserved track3 (Island platform with 1 bay. Bay not used for public services)Altrincham/Eccles06/12/1999street access opened 3/9/05; previously the stop was for interchange only
G-MexReserved track2 (staggered platforms)Altrincham/Eccles27/04/1992Interchange with Deansgate National Rail station
St. Peter's SquareOn-street, tram only2Altrincham/Eccles27/04/1992 
Mosley StreetOn-street, tram only1 (Altrincham/Eccles direction only)Altrincham/Eccles27/04/1992Stop serves trams towards Altrincham and Eccles only. No platform for Piccadilly/Victoria/Bury trams
Piccadilly GardensReserved track2 (island platform)Altrincham/Eccles/Bury20/07/1992Interchange with bus station
PiccadillyPart of National Rail station2 (1 arrival, 1 departure)Altrincham/Eccles/Bury20/07/1992Opened as Piccadilly Undercroft. Situated in undercroft (basement) of Piccadilly National Rail station
Market StreetOn-street, tram-only2 (island platform)Bury27/04/199210/8/98—new Market Street stop opened replacing High Street and original Market Street
ShudehillReserved track2Bury25/04/2003 
VictoriaPart of National Rail station3 (only 2 (island platform) in use)Bury06/04/1992Located in Victoria National Rail station
Woodlands RoadReserved track2Bury06/04/1992 
CrumpsallReserved track2Bury06/04/1992 
Bowker ValeReserved track2Bury06/04/1992 
Heaton ParkReserved track2Bury06/04/1992 
PrestwichReserved track2Bury06/04/1992 
Besses o'th'BarnReserved track2 (island platform)Bury06/04/1992 
WhitefieldReserved track2Bury06/04/1992 
RadcliffeReserved track2Bury06/04/1992 
BuryReserved track2 (island platform)Bury06/04/1992Part of Bury Interchange—entrance is through bus station
Queens Road depot     

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