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Croydon Tramlink has 39 stops, the newest of which (Centrale) opened in December 2005. Most are off-street, with some on former railway lines replacing railway stations, but there are also a small number of on-street stops in and around Croydon town centre.

Addington Village - typical off-street tram stop tram shelter information board

Stops they share a similar design, with low-height platforms the length on a single tram. Each platform has a shelter, passenger information display (next trams indicator) and information boards with system and local area maps, timetable information etc. The only exceptions are Elmers End and Wimbledon, where trams use a platform in mainline railway stations with the trackbed raised to maintain step-free access. Stops are fitted out with signage in the Tramlink variant of the Transport for London house style. There is step-free access to each platform, with lifts at Wimbledon linking the tram platform to street level and to other parts of the railway station.

ticket machine ticket machine screen Oyster reader

Each stop also has at least one ticket machine (usually there is one per platform) and an Oyster card reader, which Oyster Pre-Pay users must use to 'Touch In' and 'Touch Out'.

Google Earth logo

To view all Tramlink stops in Google Earth's satellite imagery, click here (requires Google Earth software—available for Windows Vista/XP/2000, Mac OS X 10.4.0+ and Linux). Each tram stop page also has a link to Google Earth imagery of that tram stop.

Click on stop name for pictures, or go to the Wimbledon line, Beckenham line, Addington line or Croydon town centre pages for clickable route maps

StopLocationPlatformsLineOpening dateNotes
Wimbledonpart of National Rail station1Wimbledon30/05/2000interchange with National Rail and London Underground services
Dundonald Roadreserved track2Wimbledon30/05/2000 
Merton Parkreserved track2Wimbledon30/05/2000 
Morden Roadreserved track2Wimbledon30/05/2000 
Phipps Bridgereserved track2 (island platform)Wimbledon30/05/2000 
Belgrave Walkreserved track2 (island platform)Wimbledon30/05/2000 
Mitchamreserved track2Wimbledon30/05/2000 
Mitcham Junctionreserved track, alongside National Rail station2 (+2 National Rail platforms)Wimbledon30/05/2000interchange with National Rail services
Beddington Lanereserved track1Wimbledon30/05/2000 
Therapia Lanereserved track2Wimbledon30/05/2000 
Ampere Wayreserved track2Wimbledon30/05/2000Named 'IKEA Apmere Way' 10/2006–03/2008
Waddon Marshreserved track2Wimbledon30/05/2000 
Wandle Parkreserved track2Wimbledon30/05/2000 
Reeves Corneron-street (tram only)1Wimbledon30/05/2000East Croydon direction only
Centraleon-street1Croydon loop10/12/2005clockwise direction only (to East Croydon)
West Croydonon street (tram only)1Croydon loop10/05/2000clockwise direction only (to East Croydon); interchange with buses and National Rail
Wellesley Roadon-street (tram only)1Croydon loop10/05/2000clockwise direction only (to East Croydon)
George Streeton-street1Croydon loop10/05/2000clockwise direction only (from East Croydon)
Church Streeton-street1Croydon loop10/05/2000clockwise direction only (from East Croydon)
East Croydonreserved track3 (1 + 1 island platform)Beckenham/Addington10/05/2000interchange with buses and National Rail
Lebanon Roadon-street2Beckenham/Addington10/05/2000staggered platforms
Sandilandsreserved track2Beckenham/Addington10/05/2000 
Addiscombereserved track2Beckenham23/05/2000 
Blackhorse Lanereserved track2Beckenham23/05/2000 
Woodsidereserved track2Beckenham23/05/2000 
Arenareserved track2Beckenham23/05/2000 
Elmers Endpart of the National Rail station1Beckenham30/05/2000interchange with National Rail services
Harrington Roadreserved track2Beckenham23/05/2000 
Birkbeckreserved track1Beckenham23/05/2000interchange with National Rail services
Avenue Roadreserved track2Beckenham23/05/2000 
Beckenham Roadreserved track1Beckenham23/05/2000 
Beckenham Junctionreserved track2Beckenham23/05/2000interchange with National Rail
Lloyd Parkreserved track2Addington10/05/2000 
Coombe Lanereserved track2Addington10/05/2000 
Gravel Hillreserved track2Addington10/05/2000 
Addington Villagereserved track2Addington10/05/2000 
Fieldwayreserved track2Addington10/05/2000 
King Henry's Drivereserved track2Addington10/05/2000 
New Addingtonreserved track2Addington10/05/2000 
Therapia Lane depot     

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