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Croydon Tramlink operates 24 trams, built by Bombardier. The trams are numbered 2530–2553, following on from the number of the last of the old London trams.

tram 2531 inside of tram inside of tram

The trams are Bombardier's CR-4000 model (now called 'Flexity Swift' by the manufacturer), similar to the K4000 trams operating in Cologne, Germany. The trams are 98' 9" (30.1m) long and 8' 8" (2.65m) wide, composed of two cars joined by a central articulated section. They are low-floor, being step-free apart from a single step into the very front and rear of the vehicle. The top speed is 50mph, although trams operate at road speeds on the street-running sections of the system.

tram front end cab cab

Passenger capacity is 70 seated and 138 standing, with spaces for wheelchairs and pushchairs. Trams operate singly in passenger service, but may be coupled in an emergency. The system uses 750vDC overhead power supply with single wire pantograph current collection.

Since Tramlink's opening, some trams have operated in all-over advertising liveries, including one for Nescafé and one in the corporate livery of the operators, First Group. All trams now carry the standard Tramlink livery of red and white with matt black window pillars.

Trams were originally fitted with destination blinds, which showed the route number, ultimate destination and intermediate points. These were replaced during 2006 with electronic destination indicators which show only the final destination of the tram.

Fleet list

Last updated: 21st October 2007
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Tram numberNameLivery
2530 Tramlink
2531 Tramlink
2532 Tramlink
2533 Tramlink
2534 Tramlink
2535Stephen ParascandoloTramlink
2536 Tramlink
2537 Tramlink
2538 Tramlink
2539 Tramlink
2540 Tramlink
2541 Tramlink
2542 Tramlink
2543 Tramlink
2544 Tramlink
2545 Tramlink
2546 Tramlink
2547 Tramlink
2548 Tramlink
2549 Tramlink
2550 Tramlink
2551 Tramlink
2552 Tramlink
2553 Tramlink

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