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Westferry station All Saints station Gallions Reach station

There are 39 stations on the DLR. All are distinct stations (as opposed to on-street platforms, or stops integrated into their surroundings), consisting of full-height platforms which are compulsory ticket areas. Train tracks are strictly off-limits to passengers.

Canary Wharf station Tower Gateway station West Silvertown station

The standard layout is two platforms, each long enough for a double unit, but stations vary widely in size and design from the single bay platform at Stratford (part of the National Rail/London Underground station) to the 6-platform Canary Wharf with its overall trainshed. Many DLR stations are elevated, on sections of viaduct, but there are also stations at ground level or in cuttings, and three are underground (Bank, Island Gardens and Cutty Sark). Twelve of the stations have interchange with London Underground or National Rail services, and four of these are part of a larger station.

station platform station platform station platform

All stations have ticket machines, shelters, information displays, next-train indicators and passenger information/emergency help-points. Tickets must be bought in advance of travel, and are compulsory on platforms as well as trains—at each station red lines delineate the compulsory ticket area.

ticket machine ticket machine screen Oyster reader

Of the original 16 stations, all but Stratford have been rebuilt to accommodate double-unit trains and to improve conditions for waiting passengers. At Stratford the existing platform (a former main line railway platform) was already long enough for double-unit trains. Stations on the London City Airport extension have been built to accept three-unit trains, as have the stations at Bank, Canary Wharf, Heron Quays and Island Gardens, and platforms at other stations on the City–Lewisham route will be extended ready for three-train operation in 2009.

To view all DLR stations in Google Earth's satellite imagery, click here (requires Google Earth software—available for Windows Vista/XP/2000, Mac OS X 10.4.0+ and Linux). Each station page also has a link to Google Earth imagery of that station.

Select a stop name for pictures, or go to the Bank/Tower Gateway, Canary Wharf/Lewisham, Stratford, Beckton or City Airport route page for clickable route maps
StopLocationPlatformsOpening dateNotes
Bank Undergound—deep tube 2 29/07/1991 part of the London Underground station
Tower Gateway elevated 2 31/08/1987 original city terminus of the DLR
Shadwell elevated 2 31/08/1987 Interchange with East London line
Limehouse elevated 2 31/08/1987 Interchange with National Rail LTS line services
Westferry elevated 2 31/08/1987  
West India Quay elevated 4 31/08/1987 closed 11/91 for rebuilding; reopened 28/6/93
Canary Wharf elevated 6   inside Cabot Place complex
Heron Quays elevated 2 31/08/1987 closed 30/9/01 for rebuilding; reopened 18/12/02
South Quay elevated 2 31/08/1997  
Crossharbour embankment 2 31/08/1987  
Mudchute cutting 2 20/11/1999 second station on this site—original opened 31/8/87 and closed 8/1/99
Island Gardens tunnel 2 20/11/1999 second station with this name—original opened 31/8/87 and closed 8/1/99
Cutty Sark tunnel 2 20/11/1999  
Greenwich part of National Rail station 2 20/11/1999 Interchange with National Rail services
Deptford Bridge elevated 2 20/11/1999  
Elverson Road   2 20/11/1999  
Lewisham part of transport interchange 2 20/11/1999 Interchange with National Rail services
Poplar   4 31/08/1987  
All Saints cutting 2 31/08/1987  
Langdon Park   2 09/12/2007  
Devons Road cutting 2 31/08/1987  
Bow Church cutting 2 31/08/1987  
Pudding Mill Lane embankment 2 15/01/1996  
Stratford part of National Rail station 1 31/08/1987 Interchange with London Underground Central and Jubilee lines and National Rail services
Blackwall elevated 2 28/03/1994  
East India elevated 2 28/03/1994  
Canning Town part of Jubilee Line station 2 28/03/1994 Interchange with London Underground Jubilee line
Royal Victoria   2 28/03/1994  
Custom House for ExCel   2 28/03/1994  
Prince Regent   2 28/03/1994  
Royal Albert elevated 2 28/03/1994  
Beckton Park sunken in centre of roundabout 2 28/03/1994  
Cyprus sunken in centre of roundabout 2 28/03/1994  
Gallions Reach elevated 2 28/03/1994  
Beckton   2 28/03/1994  
West Silvertown elevated 2 02/12/2005  
Pontoon Dock elevated 2 02/12/2005  
London City Airport elevated 2 02/12/2005  
King George V   2 02/12/2005  
Woolwich Arsenal underground 2 10/01/2009 Interchange with adjacent National Rail station
Poplar depot        
Beckton depot        

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