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Passenger Information Display Passenger Information Display Platform shelter Information board

NET Line One has 23 stops. They are a mixture of street stops and platforms on reserved rights of way, ranging from a raised kerb and single shelter (eg. Radford Road) to a substantial station-style stop with lift access and an enclosed waiting area (Station Street).

All stops have shelters, Passenger Information Displays (electronic 'next tram' indicators) and an information board with tram times and local information.

To view all NET stops in Google Earth's satellite imagery, click here (requires Google Earth software—available for Windows Vista/XP/2000, Mac OS X 10.4.0+ and Linux). Each stop page also has a link to Google Earth imagery of that stop.

Select on stop name for more details and pictures, or go to the Line One page for a clickable route map
Station Streetreserved track3 (on two tracks)Third platform face is an extension of one of the other platforms
Lace Marketon-street, shared2Station Street-bound platform has no shelter or signs while construction work is carried out on adjacent building
Old Market SquareOn-street, shared (limited access)2 
Royal CentreOn-street, tram-only2 
Nottingham Trent UniversityOn-street, tram only2 
High SchoolOn-street, shared2 
The ForestOn-street, tram only3Third platform not normally used—trams may be reversed here from either direction
Noel StreetOn-street, contra-flow on one-way street1Towards Phoenix Park and Hucknall only
Beaconsfield StreetOn-street, shared1Towards Phoenix Park and Hucknall only
Shipstone StreetOn-street, shared1Towards Phoenix Park and Hucknall only
Radford RoadOn-street, shared1Towards Station Street only
Hyson Green MarketOn-street, shared1Towards Station Street only
Wilkinson StreetReserved track2 
BasfordReserved track2 
David LaneReserved track2 
Highbury ValeReserved track42 separate island platforms (Highbury Vale Mainline and Highbury Vale Branch)
CinderhillReserved track1 
Phoenix ParkReserved track2 (island platform)Terminus at end on single line section
BulwellReserved track2Line is single-track north from here
Bulwell ForestReserved track2Passing loop in single-track section
Moor BridgeReserved track2Passing loop in single track section
Butler's HillReserved track2Passing loop in single track section
HucknallReserved track2Terminus at end of single-track section; adjoins Robin Hood line platform
Wilkinson Street depot   
Clifton SouthReserved track2Originally to be called Clifton Park and Ride
Summerwood LaneOn-street, shared2 
Holy TrinityOn-street, shared2 
Clifton CentreOn-street, shared2 
RivergreenOn-street, shared2 
Southchurch Drive NorthOn-street, shared2 
Ruddington LaneReserved track2 
Compton AcresReserved Track2 
Wilford LaneReserved track2 
Wilford VillageOn-street, tram only2 
Meadows EmbankmentOn-street, tram only2Originally to be called Queen's Walk
Queen's WalkReserved track2Originally to be called Meadows Centre
Toton LaneReserved track2Originally to be called Toton Lane Park and Ride
Inham RoadReserved track2 
Eskdale DriveReserved track2 
Bramcote LaneReserved track2 
High Road - Central CollegeReserved track2Originally to be called Broxtowe College
Chilwell RoadOn-street, shared2 
Beeston CentreOn-street, tram only2Originally to be called Beeston Town Centre
Middle StreetOn-street, restricted access2 
University BoulevardReserved track2 
University of NottinghamReserved track2 
Queen's Medical CentreReserved track2 
Gregory StreetOn-street, shared2 
ng2Reserved track2 
Meadows NorthOn-street, shared2 
Nottingham StationReserved track2 

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