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Nottingham Express Transit : Routes : Line Two (Clifton—planned)


NET's current plans for the Line Two involve extending the existing tramway from the terminus at Station Street through The Meadows, then south over the River Trent, through Wilford village and the Clifton estate to a new Park and Ride site next to the A453.

The line will make use of a former Great Central Railway viaduct through Wilford and Compton Acres, and will feature extensive street running through the Clifton estate.

Map of Line Two

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Station Street–Wilford

Meadows Way to Crocus Street Meadows Way Wilford Toll Bridge

The existing NET viaduct which currently ends at the north end of Station Street will be extended over the railway station, following the route taken by the Great Central Railway. On the opposite side of the railway station there will be a new tram stop which will replace the current Station Street stop. The station will be redesigned as a transport interchange at the same time. From here the new line will cross Queens Road and Crocus Street, and reach Meadows Way via a new segregated section. The line will then turn off Meadows Way onto Queen's Walk, a tree-lined footpath that leads to the River Trent. Stops serving The Meadows are planned at Meadows Centre and Queen's Walk, which is by the river. The line will cross the Trent on the Wilford Toll Bridge, an existing pedestrian crossing, which will be widened to accomodate trams.

Wilford–Compton Acres

Southern approach to Wilford Toll Bridge Coronation Avenue Railway embankment at Wilford

Leaving Wilford Toll Bridge, the new line will run along Main Road, with a stop for Wilford Village, then along Coronation Avenue. The track will cross the line of the disused former Great Central Railway, before curving right (south) to run alongside, then along, the former railway embankment, which will be partially rebuilt in places. The will be a stop at Wilford Lane, on the south side of this main road. The track continues along the disused embankment as far as the A52 Clifton Boulevarde, with stops planned for Compton Acres (next to the playing fields which ajoin Ruddington Lane) and Ruddington Lane.

Compton Acres–Clifton

A52 bridge Across the fields to Clifton Farnborough Drive

The tram line will use the existing bridge underneath the dual carriageway A52, after which the tramway will leave the Great Central alignment. The railway alignment itself continues through Ruddington—beyond the former Ruddington Station the track is still in situ and is in use as far as Loughborough by the Great Central Railway (Nottingham), and between Loughborough and the outskirts of Leicester by the preserved Great Central Railway steam line.

After leaving the former railway alignment, the tramway will skirt the edge of an open space to reach Southchurch Drive, a main thoroughfare in the Clifton estate. There will be a long section of street running in Clifton, along Southchurch Drive and Farnborough Road, with stops at Southchurch Drive North, Rivergreen, Clifton Centre (at the main shopping centre, by the junction with Green Lane), Holy Trinity (at the junction of Southchurch Road and Farnborough Road) and Summerwood Lane. After crossing Nottingham Road at the edge of the Clifton estate, the line will terminate at a new Park and Ride site. There will be a new road link to the A453 Barton Lane, which leads to Junction 24 of the M1.

Support for Line Two

CW Yes! is an independent pressure group which supports the construction of Line Two via this route.

Pictures of planned Clifton Park and Ride stop Pictures of planned Summerwood Lane stop Pictures of planned Holy Trinity stop Pictures of planned Clifton Centre stop Pictures of planned Rivergreen stop Pictures of planned Southchurch Drive North stop Pictures of planned Ruddington Lane stop Pictures of planned Compton Acres stop Pictures of planned Wilford Lane stop Pictures of planned Wilford Village stop Pictures of planned Queen's Walk stop Pictures of planned Meadows Centre stop Pictures of planned Nottingham Station stop Line Three Line One

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