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: Pictures : trespass and safety policy

All pictures on this website were taken from public roads or footpaths, from the public parts of the tramway/light rail system, or by special permission of the tram/light rail operator. Trespass on tramway or railway property is illegal and dangerous. Photography on the Tyne and Wear Metro is prohibited without permission from Nexus–all photos on this website taken on Tyne and Wear Metro property were taken with permission.

If you are going to take photographs of trams, take extra care and be aware that danger comes not just from the trams themselves but also from cars, buses, lorries and other traffic that may share the road with the tram. Remember that trams can be quieter than other road traffic, and can take longer to stop. Most of the time tramways and light rail operators welcome the interest that enthusiasts have in their systems, but remember that the primary function of a light rail system is public transportation and staff may not have the time to answer questions or humour people's photographic whims. If you get in the way of the safe and efficient running of a system it may lead to restrictions on enthusiasts' activities which affect all those who visit after you.

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