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What information is collected (including the forums, TramStop) collects certain information about your visit to this site (if this information is available). This information includes your IP address, your proxy server's IP address (if you're connecting through one), your browser description, the pages you visit on this site, the time and date you access the site and the link that brought you to this site. This information is not used to identify individuals personally.

How this information is used

This information is collected solely for the purpose of analysing visitor trends, identifying new links to the site and assessing the relative popularity of various sections and pages, all with the ultimate aim of improving the content and accessibility of the site to you and other visitors.

What information is not collected

Information not collected includes your postal address, telephone numbers, buying habits and internet activity outside this site. Your name and email address is only collected when you choose to provide it, for instance when contacting or when registering for the TramStop forums—your name and email address is not collected without your knowledge.

Information is not collected or used for any marketing or market research activities.


When you contact, certain personal information may be communicated such as your name and email address, and any other information which you choose to include in the communication. emails and online contact forms are retained on file, but personal details are only used for the purpose of communicating with you unless you have consented for them to be used for other purposes. Your personal details are not collated in a database, nor will your email address be added to a mailing list when you contact, nor will they be passed to any third party without your consent, except for the reasons given below under 'Disclosure of information'.


Cookies are used on to count and track your visit to the site, and, on the TramStop forums, to manage your log-in session. You may block cookies from with no adverse effect, but blocking cookies from TramStop may affect how you use the forums.

How you block and delete cookies depends on which browser you use. For help in deleting or blocking cookies in other browsers, see the browser's Help menu, or visit

Cookies from this site are identifed as being from or, and

Still concerned?

If you still have concerns, if this page hasn't answered your questions about privacy, or if you feel that your privacy has been violated while visiting this site, contact

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