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Sheffield Supertram has 48 stops. Most of these are on-street, using raised kerbs to provide a platform. Only Meadowhall, built as part of a bus-rail-tram interchange, is at all substantial.

All stops have shelters and information boards with details of times and fares, but there are no Passenger Information Displays (Next Tram indicators) on the Supertram network, and not much in the way of seats. Shelters are based on the design of the standard South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) bus shelter, and what fittings there are (shelter, railings etc) are finished in SYPTE's house colours of Blue and Yellow.

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To view all Supertram stops in Google Earth's satellite imagery, click here (requires Google Earth software—available for Windows Vista/XP/2000, Mac OS X 10.4.0+ and Linux). Each tram stop page also has a link to Google Earth imagery of that tram stop.

Select a stop name for more details, or go to the Middlewood, Halfway or Meadowhall route page for a clickable route map
StopLocationPlatformsLineOpening dateNotes
MiddlewoodReserved track1 (long enough for two trams)Yellow23/10/1995Terminus
Leppings LaneOn-street, shared2Yellow23/10/1995Staggered platforms
Hillsborough ParkOn-street, shared2Yellow23/10/1995 
Malin BridgeReserved track1Blue23/10/1995 
HillsboroughOn-street2 (On-street, shared/tram only)Yellow/blue23/10/1995City-bound platform is shared with other traffic, towards teminus is on tram-only section
Bamforth StreetOn-street, shared2Yellow/Blue23/10/1995 
Langsett/Primrose ViewOn-street, shared2Yellow/Blue23/10/1995 
Infirmary RoadOn-street, shared2Yellow/Blue23/10/1995 
ShalesmoorReserved track2Yellow/Blue27/02/1995 
Netherthorpe RoadReserved track2 (island platform)Yellow/Blue27/02/1995 
University of SheffieldReserved track2Yellow/Blue27/02/1995 
West StreetOn-street, shared2Yellow/Blue27/02/1995Staggered platforms
City HallOn-street, shared2Yellow/Blue27/02/1995Staggered platforms
CathedralOn-street, tram only2Yellow/Blue/Purple18/02/1995 
Castle SquareOn-street, tram only2Yellow/Blue/Purple18/02/1995 
Fitzalan Square/Ponds ForgeOn-street, tram only2Yellow/Blue/Purple21/03/1994 
Hyde ParkReserved track2Yellow/Purple21/03/1994 
Cricket Inn RoadReserved track2Yellow/Purple21/03/1994 
Nunnery SquareReserved track2Yellow/Purple Originally a staff halt for the depot
Woodbourn RoadReserved track2Yellow/Purple21/03/1994 
AttercliffeReserved track2Yellow/Purple22/08/1994 
Arena/Don Valley StadiumReserved track2Yellow/Purple22/08/1994 
Valley CentertainmentReserved track2Yellow/Purple  
CarbrookReserved track2Yellow/Purple21/03/1994 
Meadowhall South/TinsleyReserved track2Yellow/Purple21/03/1994 
MeadowhallReserved track2 (island platform each face long enough for 2 trams)Yellow/Purple21/03/1994part of the Interchange - adjacent to mainline railway station, shares some facilities. Waiting room and toilets
Sheffield Station/Sheffield Hallam UniversityReserved track2Blue/Purple22/08/1994 
Granville Road/The Sheffield CollegeReserved track/on-street, tram-only2Blue/Purple22/08/1994Staggered platforms - city-bound platform is on-street, tram-only, Halfway platform is reserved track
Park Grange CroftReserved track2Blue/Purple01/12/2001 
Park GrangeOn-street, shared2Blue/Purple22/08/1994Staggered platforms
Arbourthorne RoadOn-street, shared2Blue/Purple22/08/1994 
Spring LaneOn-street, shared2Blue/Purple22/08/1994 
Manor Top/Elm TreeOn-street, tram only2Blue/Purple05/12/1994Slightly staggered platforms sit either side of large dual carriageway junction
HollinsendReserved track2Blue/Purple05/12/1994 
Gleadless TownendReserved track2Blue/Purple05/12/1994 
Herdings/Leighton RoadReserved track2Purple03/04/1995 
Herdings ParkReserved track1Purple03/04/1995terminus at end of single-track section
White LaneOn-street, shared2Blue27/03/1995 
Birley LaneReserved track2Blue27/03/1995 
Birley Moor RoadReserved track2Blue27/03/1995 
HackenthorpeReserved track2Blue27/03/1995 
Donetsk WayReserved track2Blue27/03/1995 
Moss WayReserved track2Blue27/03/1995 
Crystal PeaksReserved track2Blue27/03/1995 
Beighton/Drake House LaneReserved track2Blue27/03/1995 
WaterthorpeReserved track2Blue27/03/1995 
WestfieldReserved track2Blue27/03/1995 
HalfwayReserved track1Blue27/03/1995Terminus, single track
Nunnery depot     

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