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Croydon Tramlink : Pictures : 2535 Stephen Parascandolo naming ceremony

On 20th October 2007, tram 2535 was named 'Stephen Parascandolo'. Stephen Parascandolo was a well-known and well-respected tram enthusiast, light rail advocate, railway engineer and webmaster of the Unofficial Croydon Tramlink Website. Stephen died in a car accident in February 2007, at the age of 26.

In a simple ceremony at Beckenham Junction tram stop, Roger Harding (General Manager of Tramtrack Croydon Ltd.) spoke of the "huge debt of gratitude" owed to Stephen for his contribution to Tramlink. Afterwards family, friends and fellow enthusiasts who had gathered to witness the ceremony and remember Stephen, travelled on the tram to Harrington Road.

2535 was chosen as it was the first tram to be driven into Croydon town centre, before Tramlink opened; the day of the ceremony would have been Stephen\'s 27th birthday.

R.I.P. Stephen Parascandolo, 1980—2007


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