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Felling station Heworth station Haymarket station

The are 60 stations on the Tyne and Wear Metro. All are distinct stations (as opposed to on-street platforms, or stops integrated into their surroundings), consisting of full-height platforms. Stations are a mixture of former main line railway stations and purpose-built facilities. The majority of stations are on the surface, but a number in central Newcastle and Gateshead are underground (Jesmond, Haymarket, Monument, Manors, St. James, Central and Gateshead), as well as Park Lane in Sunderland. Sunderland station was rebuilt in 1965 by British Rail, with the station building covering the platforms, effectively placing the platforms underground.

Tynemouth station St. Peters station Park Lane station

Stations vary widely in size and design, largely reflecting their history and importance, from simple affairs like Ilford Road and South Hylton to more extensive structures like St James (an underground station), Tynemouth (a former railway station) and Northumberland Park the newest station on the system. There are many stations of Victorian architecture designs inherited from British Rail, as well as a couple of fine examples of 1930's architecture, at Longbenton and West Monkseaton, with plainer, more functional design at the stations purpose-built during the 1970's and 1980's. Stations on the Sunderland extension, built at the beginning of the 21st Century, bring yet another style into the mix.

Ilford Road station Gateshead Stadium station Benton station

Most stations have two platforms; the exceptions are the termini at South Hylton and South Shields (1 platform), North Shields (3 platforms, including one bay platform) and Monument (4 platforms on two separate lines). Three of the stations have interchange with National Rail services (Central, Heworth and Sunderland)—uniquely at Sunderland, Metro and National Rail services use the same platforms.

ticket machines ticket machine callpoint

All stations have ticket machines, shelters, information displays, next-train indicators and passenger information/emergency help-points. All stations are unstaffed, except for the underground stations which must be staffed by law.

To view all Tyne and Wear Metro stations in Google Earth's satellite imagery, click here (requires Google Earth software—available for Windows Vista/XP/2000, Mac OS X 10.4.0+ and Linux). Each station page also has a link to Google Earth imagery of that station.

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StopLocationPlatformsOpening dateFormer railway station?Notes
South Hylton surface 1 31/03/2002 no  
Pallion surface 2 31/03/2002 no  
Millfield surface 2 31/03/2002 no  
University surface 2 31/03/2002 no  
Park Lane cut and cover tunnel 2 31/03/2002 no  
Sunderland underground; platforms shared with National Rail 2 island platform 31/03/2002 yes Opened 1879 for mainline services; rebuilt 1965
St. Peter's viaduct 2 31/03/2002 no  
Stadium of Light surface 2 31/03/2002 no  
Seaburn surface 2 31/03/2002 yes  
East Boldon surface 2 31/03/2002 yes  
Brockley Whins surface 2 31/03/2002 yes  
Fellgate embankment 2 31/03/2002 no  
South Shields   1 24/03/1984 no  
Chichester   2 24/03/1984 no  
Tyne Dock   2 24/03/1984 no  
Simonside surface 2 17/03/2008 no  
Bede   2 staggered platforms 24/03/1984 no  
Jarrow   2 24/03/1984 yes  
Hebburn   2 staggered platforms 24/03/1984 yes  
Pelaw surface 2 island platform 16/09/1985 no  
Heworth surface 2 +2 National Rail 15/11/1981 no  
Felling surface 2 island platform 15/11/1981 yes  
Gateshead Stadium surface 2 island platform 15/11/1981 no  
Gateshead underground 2 15/11/1981 no  
Central underground (underneath Newcastle Central National Rail station) 2 15/11/1981 no  
Monument underground 4 15/11/1981 no Tyne Coast loop platforms opened 14/11/82
Haymarket underground 2 11/08/1980 no  
Jesmond underground 2 11/08/1980 no  
West Jesmond surface 2 11/08/1980 yes  
Ilford Road surface 2 11/08/1980 no  
South Gosforth surface 2 11/08/1980 yes  
Regent Centre surface 2 10/05/1981 no  
Wansbeck Road surface 2 staggered platforms 10/05/1981 no  
Fawdon surface 2 staggered platforms 10/05/1981 no  
Kingston Park surface 2 staggered platforms 15/09/1985 no  
Bank Foot surface 2 10/05/1981 no  
Callerton Parkway surface 2 17/11/1991 no  
Airport surface 2 island platform 17/11/1991 no  
Longbenton surface 2 11/08/1980 yes  
Four Lane Ends surface 2 11/08/1980 no  
Benton surface 2 11/08/1980 yes  
Palmersville surface 2 19/03/1986 no  
Northumberland Park surface 2 island platform 11/12/2005 no  
Shiremoor surface 2 11/08/1980 no  
West Monkseaton surface 2 island platform 11/08/1980 yes  
Monkseaton surface 2 11/08/1980 yes  
Whitley Bay surface 2 11/08/1980 yes  
Cullercoats surface 2 11/08/1980 yes  
Tynemouth surface 2 11/08/1980 yes  
North Shields surface 3 2 through platforms + 1 bay 14/11/1982 yes  
Meadow Well surface 2 14/11/1982 no  
Percy Main surface 2 14/11/1982 yes  
Howdon surface 2 staggered platforms 14/11/1982 yes  
Hadrian Road surface 2 14/11/1982 no  
Wallsend surface 2 14/11/1982 yes  
Walkergate surface 2 14/11/1982 yes  
Chillingham Road surface 2 14/11/1982 no  
Byker surface 2 14/11/1982 no  
Manors underground 2 14/11/1982 no  
St. James underground 2 14/11/1982 no  
Gosforth depot       no  

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